Daughter’s Birthday Messages

Yap these daughter’s birthday messages are all for you Michelle…. We have to admit that we just have one daughter, but sometimes she made us feel like if we had 10….thank God we just have one like her…yet we have to say that we love her so very much and we are very proud of what she has become I would never trade her for the whole world.  Sometimes even if she brings out the worst in us.  There are also lots and lots of good.  Honenestly I have enough memories and good times we had together…and we are hoping for many more.  One thing that we admire more about her is how good of a mother that she is to her own daughter…..We love you so much!

-To my favourite daughter, as she’s celebrating!


-Daughter So beautiful, so graceful May your birthday is as lovely as you are!


-Happy birthday lovely lady!  Hope it’s all you wish for and more!

-On the day you were born you made me a mother,

I have to admit I wouldn’t want any other

 Really I have enough of one daughter!


I remember carrying you in my belly; I remember it, like if it was yesterday,

That was the year that the challenger shuttle exploded I remember that day!

I couldn’t stop to think…were you going to have brown or blue eyes

I kind of wish you’d have curly hair about that I will not lie!

On July 31st at 10:16 am weight 7 pounds

True happiness I had found

I had my beautiful baby girl

Without curls

But it was ok because you had the nicest brown eyes

I was so overwhelm that it made me cry!


Michelle looking at you today and seeing who you became is even more than I could of ever imagined….I pray that you get all you deserve in life!


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